A history of climate change

Today December 20, 2020, a year where drastic climate change has been demonstrated in the last two or three years. Seasons like winter and summer are no longer like before, where at the end of July the smell in the summer air was felt as the heat gradually trained and in December as the whole city was transformed into rainy days. Today we have not witnessed that, since the seasons have changed in summer seasons have been cold, rainy a winter that has hit not only Ecuador, but all over the world. On the other hand, in winter, as the temperature has risen, with a sun that even the dogs cannot go out for a walk in the streets. I think this has impacted not only me, but all citizens and around the world. I feel guilty about these drastic changes and not only I, but all of humanity itself should feel guilty about what we are doing to the planet. Since as a result of our actions we have increased climate change. But what does this have to do with a history of climate change, it is remarkable and there are no changes that we humanity must make. Our parents or past generations have also realized what is happening with climate change and how they have realized the damage that they themselves have done and have not taken any action to fix it. There is no going back we have finished with all the nature that we have, time will decide if it is time to cease to exist and nature will be our judge in order to know if we are guilty or not. I believe that climate change is the counterpart that will tear us apart in court, since it has all the evidence on our account, but who can blame it. Nobody, so I am ready to be tried and have my punishment, since we are all guilty and no activists will be saved. Now I wonder what I can do to help my beloved nature, how will I be judged, climate change can decrease if all humanity helps, and many more questions than one or in this case I ask myself and I have more to ask the nature and climate.