An Impossible Place

A plant appeared in the backyard of my house. It appeared in a super complicated place to grow: in a hole in the wall. It’s name is Uvilla. It has a delicious fruit and every month it bears fruit.

Dear Uvilla, I am attentive to your care, I would like you to be in another part of my patio and not in a small hole, but even so you grew strong and with a good size, as time progresses I would like to put you in my garden so that you can grow with the other plants and keep you company, likewise I want you to be in my garden to give you more care and to be able to water you every day and be more attentive to you. Finally you made me try a fruit that I never ate, a delicious fruit that was a new flavor for me, I thank you for coming to my patio and being able to have this special plant. I have been able to realize that nature is so powerful that when things have to happen, there is nothing to stop them. It gives me you make me think that things are destined.

I am sure that I will continue to look out for you, considering what you need since you grew up spontaneously.

Juan M Duque