Animals that help us to care of our plants

Since we made the orchard in my backyard, the number of insects around the garden has increased, many times we try to get rid of organisms which we have no relationship due to misinformation about them.  In general, visually it causes a disgust, fear or discomfort for this reason we try to get rid of them.Personally, I see that several insects help to take care of my garden since there are types of spiders, which feed on other insects that generate dirt and that can be a pest for my garden.

A common insect in my garden is the Thrips, they are tiny insects that have wings in their adult phase and are so small that their average length is 1.3 millimeters, they directly affect the damaged crops on the plant leaf causing deformation in the growth of the fruit. In my garden there are several types of spiders but the one that is most commonly seen are jumping spiders, they are spiders that are carnivorous but also feed on nectar, for this reason they avoid pests and take care of the garden.

We should change the thought that we are alone in this world and begin to use the tools that are within our reach to be able to inform ourselves of the species that can help us with some natural problem and not look for some artificial artifact to solve it and forget about the idea of ​​getting rid of everything that seems foreign to us.