In my house during this two weeks, I wasnt able to find that much insects or animals or invasive plants since I live in an apartment. But I did go to a little backyard I have like two times a day and search for this little friends. What I did find inside my apartment were: little spiders, some web spiders in some forgotten corners in the walls and flies. But in the backyard, I was able to find some bees, a little like insects that look like characols that are on the corners of the outside doors, and also many ants.

What I do find outside in the backyard were invasive plants, I couldnt find in the app the names but they appear when there is just sand and they grow in the middle of nowhere. Its is amazing to think with how many intrudes we live in our daily lives, and how they addapt to live with us, but we cant easily adapt to live with them, and we buy products to kill them or we kill them so they disappear from our personal spaces. The space we are sharing with this insects and plants, arent harmful at all for us, but we cant get used to, we see them as “invasive” things that are in our space, and we cant share them. Its unbeliveable how we are sharing our environment with things that we ever imagine, if it wasnt for this project I wouldnt realize the amount of insects, animals and plants that came out during this years, and that we are sharing our home. The amount of living beings I found in my home are very usual in the urban areas in Cumbayá, it is like they have been adapt to our environment and now they cant live withour us, many of the insects I found are because of dust, or because of lack of cleanness in some areas of the house.