Biotiquines for all

This pandemic has shown the gaps of the oil-based system,  hidden rooted deep within us, this pandemic force ourselves to see without the glasses of consumerism, realizing what is really important, and what we really need. And this is only the beginning we are timing “tic-toc” for the collapse of the global monetary system, day by day people are losing their jobs and more and more hunger is consuming our minds, its time to change.


That is why we as REFA (Ecuadorian analog forestry network) try to start changing within our own communities, spreading the seeds and giving back their ancestral knowledge. so we lunch Biotiquines that consists in the preparation and distribution of plant kits with high nutritional and medicinal value to the most vulnerable families. With this, we seek to provide answers in the medium and long term, and contribute in the search for sustainability and food sovereignty to families.

I can see the future as a new beginning articulated from the collective consciousness, thinkingin the regenerative systems, where we can give back our mother earth, detaching ourselves from the system, growing our own foods and kipping our own seeds, regenerating the soil, and living in harmony with nature.