The global pandemic has produced important ruptures in the fabric of our certainties. It has become increasingly evident that we cannot and should not go “back to normal.” This is for creativity, hopefulness, and resilient. We must ask what worlds do we want to live in? Can you envision different futures for living better with Nature and with each other? What new forms of solidarity, community, livelihoods can you envision?

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What will happened to my things in the garbage?

While going to the back of my house and looking at the garbage bin at first it is uneasy because the first thing that I don’t like are the smells and looking how everything has changed. At that point I thought that everything in there was used by me and at that time I didn’t think of the smell or anything. My trashcan contains bags of the bathroom‘s garbage, some food that went…

Vulture of the future

I am struck a lot by how  black vulture are always in the middle of the garbage and carrion since this is their main food. In 500 years I imagine…

Penguins Flying

Penguins are very intelligent beings, but because their habitat is at risk they have to evolve to adapt to the world we live in with all the new changes. Now,…