Dear big brother

Dear big brother,

I want to thank for all what you have done. When my mom was pregnant with you she did not know that you will born dead. I cannot imagine how she must felt. I a kind of sad that I did not met you, I always wanted a big brother. My mom knew that I was sad because of that and bought my this beautiful orchid, I named it Juan Francisco, just like my mother planned to name you. You became one of my must confident friend, I knew you were there in this tiny plant taking care of me. With the years I started to investigate about orchid. Your scientific name is Orchidaceae and your blooms are often colorful, but I like that you are white, I love to see how you reborn, with new flowers, as if you had a birthday. Your plant family have many uses, like perfume, decoration and even like food. But the meaning for me is more important. You are part of the family, you are not for decoration, your a living being, and I know you like my stories, they are like odyssey, specially because I always ended up doing something crazy. It is important for me to have plants, specially with this meaning that you are here with me. You already know about my beloved dog Jazz, in other words, he is my sunshine. I paid for a service when time has come and he has to leave this world, his ashes will be planted with a beautiful plant, like you. Now he will take care of me by your side, just like my grandmother Gloria is,  I know you two have met in the sky. Thank you for being a good big brother and of course a good plant, I know if you could talk in some human way, you will tell me that you love as much as I love you. Plants make a better world, and gives us a rest from humans.

Your beloved sister,

María Paz.