My Climate Change Story

Climate Change Story


My name is Emilia Dent I am from Quito, Ecuador.

For my climate change story, I decided to talk about Banana Palm or “Musa”, I have this type of palm all around my house I see it every day. While thinking about my object I decided to explore around my house and when I went outside there it was, banana palm’s surrounding my garden.


My object of care is threatened by climate change, there is a fungal disease that ravages banana crops it is called “Black Sigatoka”. The changes to moisture and temperature conditions have increased the risk of black sigatoka, this is because of the climate change and it is right in front of me.


Personal experience with climate change is something I have never thought about, I care for it and I always try to change habits to help the planet, but today I started to think about and there are many factors around it that are connected to my personal life. On example can be weather related disasters destroying habitats. Another can be U.V. rays are much stronger because of climate change and it can affect my skin and health, we need to be more careful. There are wildfires in the woods surrounding where I live, many times I can see fires in the mountains really close. Loss of biodiversity can be really saddening and shocking in many levels. While thinking about all the many ways climate change can affect us there are many emotions coming through me, rage, impotence, desperation and sadness.


The story of self

My story changes me because I’ve never realized that climate change could affect a banana palm. Something that can provide a really popular fruit, something I eat almost every day and many people do too. I start to think about everything around me and how it can be affected by climate change. It is really sad that this happens around the world because contamination, pollution and many other factors that affect climate change and because of this Musa or the banana palm is affected as well. This is a real case that is affected in my life, I consume bananas every day and have banana palm in my backyard, and because of climate change they can get this disease and they are inexistent anymore.


The Story of Us

My story can connect to other people and society because there are many people who sell bananas for a living and need a paycheck at the end of the month. If the banana palm is damaged and infected because of climate change, fungi destruction and no earning of money. Also, animals feed themselves with this fruit, for other it is their habitat. There are many factors that can affect others with my object.


The Story of Now

The importance of sharing this story has all to do with connections around the world and how it can affect different lives. Everything around us can be damaged because of climate change, even the things we’ve never thought about like in my case, banana palms.