The Strongest Vibrations

I decided to go to the terrace of my house so that I could pay attention to all the sounds around me, all the sounds that I could hear. Capturing a sound is a sense that all living beings can do from the moment we are born until we die, there are sounds of all kinds and we can capture different sounds at the same time, of course there are sounds that depend on the wave of the vibration they will make quiet or annoying for our hearing.

To present the sounds I decided to make a graph where I am going to show the most noticeable vibration waves of what surrounds me and hinders me, therefore, they will have different sizes and colors to represent the impact of the sounds.

Sounds and vibrations are part of everyday life, everything around us has its own sound, it is a symbol of existing. When I was on the terrace I began to hear the sound of the neighbors and their pets, I chose the tomato color since it is a sound that is constant and I got used to them, I could hear the vibration of the cars and rarely a whistle as it is a sound that if it was quite a hindrance, I decided to choose a red color, while time passed I listened to new sounds such as nature and birds that you only hear when you pay close attention, for that reason I chose a green color, the sound of the street of people who are passing by and speaking I chose a blue color because the sound you make is not noticeable and it is very fast.

All these sounds are repetitive in this space, we spend so much in our world that they are not perceived and we do not pay, these sounds may in the future generate some negative impact on our hatreds due to the vibrations that they have affecting throughout our lives.