Barrio La Tola Grande

This is the stoy of the Tumbaco valley, where I live, with my family in “Barrio La Tola Grande”, a place far from the city. As its name implies it is  a “Valley”. Long ago it was full of lands with trees and grass. It seemed that we lived in paradise, in a place where you could breathe fresh air, where you could play sports and share with families on those grounds. One of my relatives told me that he misses those spaces in which every weekend after finishing school and college homework, they used to go out to play soccer games, volleyball among other activities. The richest thing about those moments is that through nature they could share with the family and nature being the support of it. However, now all this has changed since, thanks to the government of Rafael Correa, the highway that passes near our house called “Ruta Viva” was implemented. A project that benefits the country, said the president. We doubt it, said my relatives. Since then part of our family life has disappeared. At the moment no one meets with anyone, not even for lunch. By taking “nature” from a part of our family, we all decided to take different paths. It is very sad to see how the human being participates in these changes and contributes more and more to the existence of climate change, for example now we no longer know when the seasons of the year begin or end. We remember when every morning when we got up to feel, hear and see different things such as, for example, the fireflies that illuminated each evening with their light the lands where the route of the “Ruta Viva” now passes and where they can no longer be observed or in the morning so resplendent hear the sound of the birds. A spectacular sound was like being in paradise but it hurts to see now a giant highway in the middle of all that paradise.