Fear of Traditional Urbanism

Throughout these days I have observed how human beings have been growing both economically, socially and also politically but there are other aspects that are not very evident at present and that most people do not realize as per For example, the overpopulation and constant deforestation that we cause by cutting down trees and continuing to build buildings, roads, etc.

So I wondered if we should really be afraid of animals or should we simply be afraid of what human beings are causing with our own planet. So I drew different conclusions about this issue, we human beings are not willing to share our spaces with nature to a large extent and that is why the way of interacting with it is aggressively since people do not mind cutting hectares trees in order to build a road or destroy mountains to flatten land, real situations that people do not care but going back to the explorations carried out I realized that one of the reasons why my parents made the decision to come to cumbaya to live was to get away from the city and live in a quieter area “surrounded by nature” which was initially true.

Cumbaya 1980

I remember when I was a child the great pastures that were in the outskirts of puembo, the famous “Ruta Viva” was a beautiful landscape full of flowers and different types of nature in one place as I said, it was a beautiful and peaceful place to live.
As I grew older, I never took the time to observe what was happening around me, such as that the beautiful landscape that was turned into a driveway, that all the gardens and trees that were surrounding my ensemble were They had turned into more buildings and streets, that insects and plants were becoming scarcer every day, a very difficult situation to assimilate and worse after almost 16 years later. As I said, it was the first time that I really walked and I began to observe what was happening in my surroundings and I found a totally different reality than the one I had in my head, all this because I never sat down to observe what was happening to around me.

Cumbaya now

And that is why to combat this phenomenon of destroying our nature we must implement things that allow us to integrate humans with plants, to continue urbanizing but in a different way and that is precisely where ECOURBANISM is born. Ecourbanism is manifested in the building through the principles of bioclimatic architecture, which bases the design of buildings on their environmental surroundings. In other words, it aims to achieve maximum comfort inside while reducing the building’s carbon footprint without giving up its design and aesthetics, this being a concept that has been gradually applied in our society. I believe that this is the only way that human beings share our spaces with nature and that we allow it to develop correctly without interfering with it and respecting it, allowing future generations to still have green spaces where they can enjoy and play, animals to which that they can observe and wonder about them, ecourbanism is a way of continuing to urbanize but in a responsible way.

Eco-urbanism (Example)

That is why I also invite readers to sit for a while to look around and see all the wonders that nature offers us, it is also an invitation to start looking for different ways of respecting and caring for nature since If we continue in this rhythm, the only thing that we will cause in our loved ones is irreversible consequences