Letter to my garden

During the last months I have changed my life 360 ​​degrees due to movement and changes of environment. I lived in the middle of the city where the plants had a little space in the garden but when I went from home to my country house I felt like the intruder of history. I am in Patate, which is also known as the valley of eternal spring because it is a very fertile land where all kinds of vegetables and fruits are grown, such as: Oranges, Tomatoes, Lemons, Avocados, but mainly MANDARINS. Today I address my letter to you, Your Majesty. From a very young age I watched them grow and there is not a year in which they do not produce the largest and sweetest mandarins in the Valley. They are delicate like the fruits that adorn it, they need so much water as to appreciate their beautiful fruits, their branches so thin but at the same time so strong make them one of the most interesting plants I have ever known.

For many this plant is not so familiar but for me it has become part of my life, seeing them since I was little and seeing how they grow, develop is magical and for that I thank them because in addition to showing me how wonderful they have managed to teach me by example values ​​such as patience, perseverance, perseverance and unity. They are magnificent, they never stop shining, they continue to adorn our floors, gardens and kitchens with our fruits. Follow those colors that give life today and always.