Future Parks

Multispecies City Project- FUTURE PARKS



Parks are great places to breath air with no limitations, they are almost always open and with lots of different things to see. I have a favorite park which is near me and that is the point of this story. Parque Cumbaya is a place in which I pass by every day to get to different places, it is always there, still. At the same time, I don’t wall through it almost never, every time I need to walk in that zone I do it around it. While doing this project I star wondering why this is and there is where I remembered that my mom always told me that at night this place was not so secure.


As I grew up, I started to notice that every time I used a direction reference this park was a part of it, at the same time I have noticed how this space has changes through the years. There are much more plants and places to sit, people go to there to have a good time with their family while eating ice creams. At the same, sometimes there are art expositions or bands playing. The surroundings are also important because there are restaurants all over and people passing by in cars or walking.


Non-human entities are a great part of this because the park is surrounded by these, plants, bugs, cars, stones, bricks, buildings, etc. And all of these have a connection to humans because it is part of our space and our living material world. We grow up as people and each year we have one more of living in this world, but I have never thought about how locations and structures do to. They also progress, change and live but in other forms. Surroundings are diverse, but we have a direct connection to it. This Park is a part of my human life, the green colors, the plants, the floor, even the feelings I get to feel when I’m there, it could be fear or happiness. Depending on the situation I am at.