Future Parks

I live in a beautiful, big and kind of calm neighborhood where actually most of my family live. All the neighborhood was planned and constructed by my grandfather. In the center of all the house is a big park that start with a church, a fountain, a bridge, a small river and many big trees, so it looks like a portion of nature to spend the evening. 

I analyze and got to the conclusion that we stop needing a park when the gardeners stop coming every week and when everyone starting gathering in the backyards and inside the houses instead of the park. 

As time has pass that big and beautiful park with all the gadgets and trees has change not only a little but drastically to the point where there is no more a park. I remember going to play there all the time when I was little, now a portion of the part its own by some neighbors and the other part is just some grass with old and worn playground. 

Let me explain it to you more in details all the changes that my park has change. Firstly the river and the bridge section of the park was planned as a romantic place for pictures, picnics and a big pool for all the dogs. It brings me a lot of memories to that place. In there we had some parties, in that place my dogs used to play, and it was home for many kinds of birds and other species. Over time the space where the river was is now fill with cement and grass, the bridge lets say that is falling apart step by step. On the other hand the church that was all fill with flowers and a rustic style is now more of a little house for the workers to change their clothes and to storage all the stuff that no one want in their houses. What I mean is that it is full of old chairs, tables, beds, cars parts, toys, and it is actually more of a storage house that it was a church. 

In the parks we also had a basketball court that was nicely painted and now that court is soon to be a new house. 

All the changes show the expansion and the less need of a park due to the lifestyle everyone has. There is no more need for a park when everyone needs more parking lots and new houses.

Now with the COVID-19 and all the distancing needed all or most of the houses have build their own backyard like little parks, but it is funny because we used to have a big and complete park that has been destroyed by ourselves.