Invasive plants in our environment

To start doing this work, I decided to go observe in the park in my neighborhood since I imagined that I would find several species of plants, but it was not like that since there was one that dominated in the park and I learned that it is not native plant and is invasive. It is interesting how these living beings grow in places that are not their environment, but even so they adapt quickly and grow without any problem.

The plants that I am going to talk about are called Eucalyptus and Kikuyo, the two plants are species brought to Ecuador and I started to think that it does not present any irrigation for citizens, but it does affect the environment and the fauna itself since it does not provide a space to live to the animals that surround it because they are not a native species, this type of plant affects soil erosion since they consume too much water and nutrients due to their accelerated growth.At the moment it is not affecting, but in the future all the places that have too much Eucalyptus and Kikuyo their soils will make their soils useless and we will not be able to use those soils since they lose all the minerals so that other plants can grow and little by little it becomes a desert.

For this reason we should have forest guards that take care of our environment and that they remove these species that are not native and that harm our nature. We should also know the types of native species to know which to plant and which to get rid of in our parks and thus be able to take care of our nature a little more.

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