Know and interpret my natural space.

Research, observe and understand space is one of my favorite things lately. Going into recognizing where we live, what we have around us has been an important experience to know what we really have. It is amazing how every animal, plant or microorganism adapts to every place and space. Inhabiting a new environment, a new environment should be the important factor in understanding every species in the world, many of them arriving seasonally, while others live for centuries in the same space. Respecting each species has been one of the first rules that I set when we start with this observation.

Curiosity, observing and listening to the means to analyze have been the three things I have focused on. I came across several species of birds that I found interesting as each of them are different but most are of the same species. Insects everywhere, millipedes, spiders, toads and many animals.

Like the previous observation, the animals and species were the same. Try to focus more on the sounds and textures I had around me. I live in a place where there is a lot of nature and I could see that there are many sounds of animals such as the differences species of birds, toads and also the sounds of trees with the wind.