Letter to my favorite plant

This exercise increasingly calls my attention and asks me an infinity of questions of which I don’t know how to answer. For example, for this exercise, we continue to observe around my patio, garden, in streets that are close to my home. and surprise I found two plants that in my opinion have a lot to tell.

My first observation was at a tomato plant that when I saw it I was surprised since I had not noticed it. But my surprise was because I asked my whole family at home if they were the ones who planted it, they answered that they had not planted any tomato plant. My question is how did you get here? During a conversation with my family, we came to the conclusion that the seed could have been brought by some animal and it decided to develop there because there is a water drought that passes through there.
It is incredible how plants have that ability to develop on their own just by looking for good soil, water, light, etc. This is one of the plants that motivates me to plant because now that it is ripe and gives us some delicious tomatoes, we decided to plant more plants and make our own urban garden at home, in order to eat healthily and be present in the growth of each food.


In my second observation, I am going to talk about my favorite plant which is “Rosemary” it is a very significant plant for me since it is a plant that helps my hair growth, this plant has become my improvement. I call it that because it has become part of my daily life. It is a plant that is now sick but is under treatment to be able to remove that disease. This plant has many stories to tell about me, for example, the time I cut my hair because I no longer liked having it so long and after my sadness for not having my hair anymore, but I was calm because my “improvement” would solve it and it was thus, in less than a month my hair grew back and exceeded the length it had before cutting it. It is my favorite plant, I think my improvement feels that when I am sad about my hair let me use it to be able to replenish my hair.
On the other hand, now it is my turn to help her since she is going through a serious situation where the disease called “aphid” does not allow her to develop correctly, but little by little I am recovering her to be able to use her when I need it.