Listen to the new landscapes

I was looking to interweave sound and drawing but I was not sure how I could do it. I finally thought about taking the car and going a little further from where I live to find some peace that would allow me to fly my creativity.

So I left my house with just a couple of apples, water and my cell phone with which I wanted to draw, it was strange the ideal I had of connecting with nature, since on another occasion I would have thought of taking a notebook and a pencil to draw but at this moment I only decided to draw with more colors and tools that my cell phone provides me, a bit ironic to want to connect to nature without disconnecting 100% from technology, right? .

My idea was strange but I think it turned out to be a pleasant experience at the same time, since I found a place like a road to the middle of the world in which it was nothing but nature, surrounded by mountains and a lot of dust, but the same composition of the environment that  Surrounded me allowed me to find the peace that I needed to feel the wind of nature and start drawing. Drawing seemed to me a way of connecting with the environment.

I was just drawing lines and squiggles until a bird approached me and I tried to portray it, but how it connected to the lines of the wind that I drew in a very improvised way, as if it were an intrinsic reaction of nothing more than letting the sound of nature and the silence of the headphones that I put on for a moment as if to counteract the noise far from cars and urbanization. In the same way around me I had some plants, flowers that, looking at the sky, made me change their tone, a more vivid tone, which represents the richness that the environment contributes in small spaces within large cities such as Quito, like the environment it refuses to lose itself within the cities that are gradually evolving its landscape, a landscape that does not want to lose its roots, that is, nature.

Drawing the sound little by little, I integrated new curved lines in my portrait, without realizing it added new details, color details based on plants and flowers that I saw, but the strangest thing was how this silence mixed with distant sounds of residential complexes near and Cars crossing perimeter streets, they created an effect that was drawn as a face, a face perhaps of some details that I saw around half the world, that is how I began to realize how relaxing and creative the dynamics of sound and vibration, like just paying a minute of attention to our environment can generate a creativity never seen before.