Living things unnoticed

This time, for my Home Bestiaries journal, I paid much more attention to the places that I passed daily, which are mainly my house and urbanization. I wanted to focus more on plants this time and I was struck by how thousands of them go completely unnoticed.

These are the images that I took and with the iNaturalist App I investigated its most relevant data. Most of them are considered invasive and bad for crops due to their rapid development and spread, which occurs when their seeds are moved to different places by wind and water. As I mentioned before, it seems incredible to me how we are totally surrounded by living beings that go totally unnoticed and that we only take them into account when they represent a risk to us. I realized that I have never taken the time to see the large number of plants in the streets. When I started with the work, I imagined finding a single species, and that it would be difficult to find more, however, I found some, which are repeated all over the street and the walls. It is very interesting how these living beings find life even in the places that seem most impossible, like the spaces between the concrete blocks, and how they manage to live independently there. I also noticed that some were spoiled, as cars pass and step on them. And I started to think, they do not represent a risk for us citizens, more than for something aesthetic, and we do represent a risk for them, even when there are days that we do not even notice their existence.

As I have mentioned in my other journals, I think we should look beyond our tastes and needs, which are often just whims, and investigate more about living beings that in one way or another coexist with us, in order to be able to relate positively, without posing a risk to them.