Marsupial Frog Story Part 2: Construction of Ruta Viva – FIND FERAL ENTANGLEMENTS

The Day Everything Changed

At first, we thought it was an earthquake, the ground shook, but then it wouldn’t stop shaking. Dust started to accumulate in the air, that is when I remembered that a friend of ours had told us he saw in human TV, that the municipality said that there was going to be a construction of a long road that would connect the city to the airport, then proceeded to admit that they knew that said construction would bring environmental problems.

I couldn’t believe it, even the streams of water were affected by it. Humans wanted to know what would happen to their houses. Where would they be relocated, we sympathize with that. We too lost our home, and much like the humans, there was no plan to relocate us. In fact, it was reassured by one of their officials, I believe that they call him Boroshilov, that the destruction of thousands of acres wouldn’t impact the ecology in a severe way.

But we know, I know that politicians always lie, they don’t care for us. And even when they admitted that our home was going to be affected, they still found a way to dismiss it. They still pretended as if all blind they were going to cut down and then replace with concrete wasn’t going to  affect us in a permanent way. How many of them would be gone.

It was almost like living through a war, and I’m not sure our species can survive this, maybe there is hope at the end of the tunnel for us. I just want humans to take us seriously, maybe a new place awaits. 

A message from our friend Rudy.