Marsupial Frog Story Part 4: Re-introduction. Finding Feral Entanglements

After a bumpy ride and total darkness we stop. I can sense that I am home. Darkness turns into light and around me I see the hills that I’ve seen since I was a tadpole. I see the same sky. It takes a moment until I can see clearly. As my eyes get used to the light I realize something is different. I am home, but it is different now. The same tall, elongated creatures that caught me in the first place are all around, “humans” I believe they named themselves. They are as noisy as ever. One of them grabs me and gently puts me into water. This is my moment, I must escape, I know this place perfectly well. I swim as quickly as I can, thrusting my legs backwards as hard as I can. Suddenly I hit something hard, it must be a rock. I try to go around it but can’t. It is everywhere, surrounding me, a concrete wall. I see the other marsupial frogs trying to do the same but ending up hitting the wall. I have to jump, get out and try to escape jumping as far as I can. I see other frogs trying the same thing, some end up being caught and brought back to the water by the humans. I sense I have a chance and seize it. I jump as far as I can until I am too far away from the scene. It feels weird though, this terrain was hard to jump through, full of trees and other plants. Now it is just plain grass. 

I get to a spot where I believe I am unreachable. I watch the scene from afar. There is a small artificial pool in the middle of plain terrain full of grass. Nothing from my home remains. It is all so different. From time to time, huge vibrations shake the ground. They come from these metal monsters that soar through the concrete roads. I guess they will soon stop though, they cannot be passing through here forever. 

I am just sitting here processing everything I have experienced during the last two weeks. From the day the mechanical monsters arrived, to my time kidnapped in those dark rooms, to today. Why do humans do such things? What are they trying to accomplish? Is this little pool trying to recreate what was once my home? I will never get their ways. They seem to be friendly in some things they do. I mean, they built us a pool as a way of saying sorry for destroying our home. Again, I don’t get them. The only solution seems to adapt to this new place, maybe find a new home. We have to adapt to this human vision of our world. They seem to be in control, at least they think they are.