I took pictures of all the insects I found in my house throughout the week and used the iNaturalist App to learn a little more about those species. Many times, we try to get rid of organisms that we believe we have no relationship with because of misinformation about them, which generate feelings of disgust, fear, or discomfort when we see them.

Personally, I don’t like spiders at all. Whenever I see one, the idea that they are dangerous and that they could hurt us comes to my mind. In this work, I researched two types of spiders and I learned that they are harmless, and that they can help us in our daily lives as they feed on other insects that generate dirt and are invasive in our homes.

Similarly, I was able to learn more about a kind of mosquitoes and butterflies than by their appearance we think we have to get rid of them, when they do not cause any harm in our home.

I realized that most insects do not depend on our homes, either on food or structure. In my opinion, I do not agree to let them live within our homes, but I also have no reason to extinguish them. We must understand the different species, so that we can find ways to return them to their habitats without harming them.

I think we need to change the thought that we are the main beings, and use all the tools at our disposal to find ways to relate to different species without having in mind that we have to extinguish them.

In my opinion, using the application to learn a little more about the other species is a good tool to start forgetting about the idea of ​​getting rid of everything that seems to be unrelated to us.