Mountain of Change

My name is Rebecca I’m from Ecuador,

I want to tell you about a story that has been with me for some time and I want to share it because I know we all have seen at least once in these scenarios.

My object of care is actually a place that has always been near to me and is the mountain Pasochoa which is about 20 min from my house so like I always live near and in-front of it. In recent years I began to go there for hikes and long walks and every time I go there, although I feel good and is my favorite place to be me I see how it has change because of urban life, cars and pollution.

There is no path that is not full of glass bottles, plastics, food packages, and it actually bothers me that we all like going to places like this but never care of our impact in that place. I live in a very open area or a thought that it was but actually every year a new company or factory opens near because of the space and I see how the visual contamination has to increase. Before we used to see only the Pasochoa and the other mountains now is a lot of factories and noise and the big forest that once was near my house has disappeared and now there are houses and the Independiente soccer club also appeared.

I’m really passionate about nature and protection of wildlife so usually my emotions about this story is more about not understanding how we damage so much of our nature to have more. Every time I see plastics in the road or in a beach the first thing I think is how clean do we think we are so in order to no carry a plastic bag we leave it there just for commodity, or actually I don’t understand how people don’t feel bad by throwing away a bottle or a bag? It amazed me every time the lack of conscience of our actions towards nature and even to our own places and homes.

About myself I start to rethink my actions and my position in the world I always tend to do good things and think of my impact but I never really though of the impact I made to nature and in these case to Pasochoa. I believe that understanding something is a process of falling down and see the reality of the actions. I have to change myself, and I am actually pretty happy of me because now I know what I believe and how I want to take part in all this chaotic world, I love nature and I love animals and I know that I will do everything to change many beliefs possible, so we can all change together.

However, in the story for us is the one of change and passion because without it there is no reason to say it and my love to nature and to mountains is so big that all of my close ones always support me and when I fight against something that is wrong they don’t question me instead they follow me. I know that the more people that understand their actions and change because we don’t want to go up in a mountain full of garbage, right?

And now what it is actually the story, I am telling the story of how much garbage is been accumulated in the mountain and the effects in the wildlife and the visual of it that is also been damage. But I am not only staying the story of a mountain that if w don’t take care will be full of garbage, but I also want to connected in how the forests and nature spaces are been destroy by big factories that can take over and actually when you are up in Pasochoa or any mountain you can, and you will see a lot of them instead of a forest or actually a green space. There are more and more houses and more factories because our consumption plays a big role in their existence. The story of now is the one of what we actually want to see while we go to a mountain, while we get to the top of it? Is it garbage, no wildlife or factories. Is all about us and us should be doing something because maybe I am one person trying to keep my mountain safe but what about the others?

A view from Pasochoa with a food package and many houses.
Pasochoa still one natural and unique place to see wildlife.