At home, I do not consider nature as invasive, I believe that me and my family are actually the invaders. I have a big backyard that leads to a forest, so everything in my house is surrounded by different species of plants and animals. We don’t usually have many insects inside the house, like excessive ants or mosquitos because it is a balanced environment. We respect the species that live in our home because every single one fulfills a purpose inside the environment. When we see a spider, we let it be because they are not a threat to us, and they have the right to live within our home.

Apart from the insects, there are usually many different species of birds. The most common ones are mirlos, hummingbirds, and some small yellow ones that I cannot identify. Birds normally keep their distance from us and our dogs, but they are always singing, and eating our fruit from the trees. The only species that I find invading in our habitat are doves. They appeared recently and they bully the other birds, they poop in our cars and they do not live in the trees, they usually hangout at our balconies. I believe they are more used to living in the city, so they are not afraid of humans. My dogs like to hunt them, so they have become and inconvenient because they may carry diseases. I do find their presence annoying and out of place, like they do not belong to the habitat.

Finally, plants are a big part of the environment. I live surrounded by them. The plants and trees that were not already here, we planted. We have grown the environment and have built it somehow in order to live as a multispecies habitat. However, there are some plants that we do consider invaders. For example, when a plant starts to grow in the house instead of around it. We do avoid having other species inside the house because of commodity, and aesthetic, but it is part of living near a place with that many plants.