My favorite bird in 500 years and the talk with my plant

The bird that I chose was one that accompanies us every day to the majority of Quito in our city, it is the dove.

This animal will have to adapt to the pollution conditions that will completely change the panorama of the city. Quito will become a much colder city and will experience very high levels of precipitation, torrential rains will fall daily, preventing these birds from flying, so I think they will have long legs with which they will be able to cross the mud that will be flooding the city. . In addition, the levels of smoke will be very high, so this bird will develop a laser beam on its head so that nothing interferes with its passage. Its beak will be modified and it will have a steel tip to feed itself better and finally it will have acid saliva to better digest toxic foods.


Plant talk


My favorite plant is a cactus that a very special person for me gave me two years ago. For me, this plant represents love and perseverance in life because despite not being large, it has flowered several times and has been a company. I believe that if that cactus spoke, it would tell me the intentions of the person who gave it to me and also tell me about its wonderful functioning and experience with water in its being.