My favorite Bird in 500 years, María Emilia Zurita

In 500 years I am sure that many things will change, for sure, among those things my favorite bird, the Galapagos frigate.

This bird is endemic to the place, however, due to the rise in sea level due to the melting of the poles, the Islands will disappear, in this way the frigates will have to migrate to cities on the continent, having to face different new ways of living. In my drawing you can see how I think his way of adapting to this new world will be. I believe that this bird will have a very small beak since it will only be able to eat the few fruits it finds in the future, around its neck it will have a necklace of thorns so that predators do not approach and finally from its body it will emit infrared light that will have a thermal effect in order to burn an animal that wants to eat it.