My Garden Beast

For this activity we need to look, smell, and feel everything wild that is in and outside our homes and gardens. I have always lived in a very big house, with a big garden where my dogs can run, and I can feel to relax. I never look for bugs or insects because I don’t like them so much, but for plants I have an interest in knowing what they are and how to preserve them.

Getting to know and look to insects that could adapt to where I live is something that I never thought or analyze. So, I must take some pictures and videos of birds, plants, and insects that I think they weren’t part of the environment of my house.

The Mockingbird

This kind of bird is actually always near my house, and they wake me up every morning and eat all the avocados that are in my family’s trees. This bird is originally of North America but now is here in the backyard and everywhere surround my house. I have found many nests of these birds in my tress and I love to see them fight over an avocado or other bird.

The mockingbirds have these unique sounds that sometimes is nice to hear but others is annoying because they won’t stop.


Bees are one of the most frequent insects in my house due to the many flowers that we have around the house. But actually, I always felt scared and afraid of bees but watching them closing for this project was beautiful. I have never seen a bee so close and watch how they go flower to flower doing they part of been pollinators.

Avocado tree

Avocado is not original from Ecuador it is date it to be from Mexico and even Peru but not Ecuador although now they are also in my backyard. All or most of my life I thought they have always been part of Ecuadorian agriculture products, but they are not. It is fascinating to know that the trees that have always been there is not originally form here.

There are more plants, insects and animals that appear in my house and I never thought they need to adapt. I want to finish with one that has amazed me by appearing.


This reptile has begun to appear everywhere in the house, garden, and kind of dead due to the dog’s interest in hunting them. I began to think that somewhere is a nest or something like that because they are always here and is not normal to see lizards. Lizards have been noticed to be everywhere with some exceptions like Antarctica. So that leave me with a lot of small lizards that have made a home near my house, but not that near I believe because my dogs had played with many of those.

I want to finish this description by making a reflection on many species I though have been always there but adapt to survive. Like lizards, they probably were driven from far away and end up near my garden where they now made their nest. Or mockingbirds they must fly a thousand of miles to arrive here in Ecuador and make a home.