My green friends



The first time I saw you, you enchanted me for your shape, your leaves and the small flowers that came out of your branches. I knew at that moment that I should take you home. Unfortunately, when they put you in the car, they broke one of your branches, a lot of leaves fell off and some of your flowers. After a few days at home your leaves began to wither, and I did not know why. Slowly you were losing life, so I tried everything to get you back. I changed the pot, so you would have more space. I bought you fertilizers, I also made my own. I changed you to the shade to see if the intense sun of those days was killing you. I did everything I could, but seeing that you did not recover, I lost hope. Until one day I saw it. I saw a small green leaf emerging from your precious branches. All my effort to revive you was paying off.

In two months, I started to see you greener, everywhere. You still need to recover, but with the pass of time you are improving. I learned about you, and what you need to live. 3 times a week you need me to put water on you. Once a month I put citrus peels and compost already made. I caress your leaves every day, and I know you feel it, because somehow, we are connected. Because when I was in my worst days, your leaves turned brown; and once I felt better, you started to bloom with me.






Since I was little, I was aware of your existence. I knew about all your benefits because in my family you were always very popular. I never had one of my own, because I had nowhere to have you, and I wasn’t that responsible either. Until one day I decided to buy you. You were a baby when I brought you home, and you quickly grew up. But all the joy vanished one day when I saw you yellow. I was worried, I thought I was giving you too much water, but it was not like that. It was that you needed more. Your leaves became bigger, more loaded, which caused you to need more water to survive. But I was new to this plant thing and I didn’t know it. Luckily for you, I was quick enough to save you. In a few days you were like new. I have never seen an aloe as beautiful as you.

You are the rudest of all. Your leaves with small spikes on the sides make you majestic. The inside of your leaves makes you necessary.