The hole of Oblivion

It has never been a pleasant task to take out the trash, and even worse to search it. If you accidentally through something on the trash, it disgusts you to put your hand in, and when you take it out you wash it 20 times if necessary. Normally in the garbage of my house there are residues of food, bones, napkins, toilet paper and tampons. We are a family that recycles, so all the bottles, tetra packs, cans, glass, bags and plastic in general, we leave it in supermaxi or to a woman who lives from this. We try to do our bit in the world.It has been quite difficult to change my mother’s mentality. She has always been used to not thinking about how the garbage we generate daily, is the culprit of our misfortune. Thanks to this quarantine, where we have been able to stay at home, we have had more time to analyze our way of life I have been able to generate this change. I had to tell her to her face that if she doesn’t change her way of seeing the world, the only thing she will be doing is taking away the future that she always plan for myself.

The first item I chose for this task is a plastic bag in which the dishwashing gloves comes. I chose this because it seems like an unnecessary item. I do not understand why they should put the product in a bag, if there are more practical tags that can be made of recycled material, which would fulfill the function of the bag. They can say that it is to keep them clean, but it would not make sense either, since the function of these is to get wet. This bag is created by the Domestico group, providing the group La Favorita with a package.

There are many products that doesn’t need a plastic packaging, but they still come in one. Like for example, the bread from supermaxi, which comes with one bread per bag, or the fruits. But despite the inconsistency, people keep buying it. They go to the supermarket and put bananas in a plastic bag, I’ve seen people put a pineapple in a bag. What is the useful purpose of this? Thanks to the comfort that plastic has given us, people never thought about how it was going to affect us in the long term. Now we can see gigantic islands of garbage made of plastic. We see aquatic animals dying from this, but what we don’t even imagine is that all the plastic we throw away we eat it when we consume seafood.

Will we change when we start getting sick thanks to the plastic waste?

Another item that I think is unnecessary is the labels on plastic bottles. Every drink has its own bottle, with different designs so that they can be recognized. I understand that in the labels they put the ingredients, the famous nutritional traffic light and other information. But with the technology we have now, with all the things that have been invented, are you telling me that nobody came up with a way to print all this information on the same bottle? It is already very difficult to remove plastic bottles from our lifes, but not labels. They have managed to create bottles in any way possible, there must be a way to print the label on the bottle itself. Why keep making more garbage for the simple fact of not innovating?