My Trash

When analyzing or looking for what is in my garbage itself, there is not a fair classification for each of the elements related to recycling, since it can be seen through the photographs taken that certain products are in a general such as bottles of plastics or napkins, but in itself the most general are food waste. But on the other hand there are covers where only printed papers are thrown away where and where there is no other material. And on the other hand we have both glass and plastic bottles that are not in their category, but are together. I think it is essential and understand the fact of recycling and the separation of each of these in their respective group. Because if you think or analyze carefully, where does all this garbage go, if there are people here who generate this type of separation or they just throw them all in the same garbage pile. I think it is important to emphasize the problem that the world is going through today, how this simple garbage from my home reaches rivers or oceans of our country, as well as the world. How we do not generate a change regarding waste. It could also be said that each garbage has a story of how I create it, for saying the bottles in the photograph can tell that my family prefers more water than a soda or packed juice. As for the paper, instead of being recycled for future printing, this is broken and thrown in the paper trash can. And as said at the beginning, the first photo shows more the food waste that is eliminated, that is, leftovers. I think we still need to be able to divide each thing by its product due to the fact that these are considered to be resolved or not, if they are made for the elaboration of things in the future or they are simply waste and nothing more.