Native Hosts

Since I was a child I was very fond of insects and all kinds of animals, they seemed to me interesting beings, especially ants.
When we moved from home 6 years ago, the climate here in the valley used to cause humidity, which is related to the insect that is sometimes very common to find in the yard or in the house, but it is interesting to think about who it is. who invaded someone else's space.
I might think that that animal is a foreign or unwanted visitor inside my house, but rethinking gives you an analysis in which those animals already lived there before houses were even built or there were humans in that particular place.
These inhabitants seem strange neighbors but in truth it is their habitat which has been invaded, in addition to this it is interesting to see how new spaces and habitats are created between the mixture of what represents the human, the accessories of the house and the animals of the the characteristics of the site, humidity.
We think that they are our environments, the hand of the human being has always been present and has progressively expanded but in the end, that part of nature that determines our habitats will remain, the roots of what it was are not lost. In this case, the element that maintains that connection with nature is these insects that are still original inhabitants.