Nature Healing Spirits

Hello, I am a member of the European Hub of GARN. It happened to me some years back that actual nature spirits contacted me and wished my contribution. This started with local nature spirits, devas of forests and landscape angels. They seem to need us humans a.o. as an intermediary between themselves and some specialists they need at times and can’t reach directly. This function of ours may be due to our physical specificities they don’t have. I understand my role as a kind of old time telephone swithcoard operator connecting a caller and a specialist. Since spring 2019 they ask me specifically to play my harp for their requests. I can see that this helps them, even if I don’t quite understand how.

In may 2020 I had a dialogue with a nature spirit who told me that a new kind of nature spirits were appearing on earth. They would have the name LENOS and were here specially to further the distant healing potential of humans for their direct nature invironment. They would help nature spirits to understand that these healing energies were coming from human beings caring for them. They would also help humans to understand that this type of caring action is urgently needed. It would tend to extend human endeavours of taking care of their plants at home or in their gardens to a wider environment in the neighbourhood. This would further a collective responsibility for ‘their’ nature, animals, insects, birds, rivers, woods, fields and invisible nature spirits of all kind.

We need to understand that every manifestation is a sign of consciousness. Any plant, flower, tree, river is built and conducted with great wisdom and knowledge by some consciousness ….and these are nature spirits like undines for the water element and the liquids in plants, or gnomes for the earth element and the roots and barks of trees for instance.

I feel it is important while working for the rights of nature not only to speak for nature but also with nature. We have to ask the intelligences behind nature what they feel, need and suggest. They have a great wisdom and knowledge and are very willing to cooperate. More later. Daniel Perret,