Exploring is something I rarely do outside my house, I have a backyard with many plants, flowers and trees. This week I spent a lot of time at my home because of confinement, and it was a great chance to get to know my spaces.


I made an effort to try and look for objects or living things that I wouldn’t ever pay attention to. In some cases I took pictures of insects that do not call my attention and objects that are part of my house that are always there. In other cases, I took pictures of insects that do call my attention and also flowers or plants around my house.


First, I tried to see the edges left out in my house near my garden I found some ants, which never leave and also a rock. This rock has a meaning, but i’ve never thought of it. It is an object that helps the outside door stay open, I named it a “support system” and it is incredible that one object much smaller than a door can have the strength to keep it in one place.






I wanted to find insects that I don’t necessarily find them appealing to the sight or “beautiful”. I started to explore in my backyard and didn’t find anything, then I looked in the windows and I finally found a little insect that I would never see before. I stared to visualize it for a while and the insect didn’t move it stayed completely immobilized, even when I came close to take the picture. It’s incredible how nature works and the places different living things decide to make a stop  and just rest.





I went to the backyard again and tried to find other types of animals, something magical happened. Four butterflies started to fly around me, and they paused in some plants and stayed completely still. It was a wonderful experience because of how they were all around me, I couldn’t catch that moment because I wanted to really live it, but I did get a picture when they stayed in the leaves.







When I came back at night to explore some more, something wonderful happened. The butterflies were there again, but in the door, they were just resting there, and they were the same butterflies I saw the day before. This is something that I wouldn’t realize if I haven’t been present in the moment looking for something important to see.