Object Analysis

The garbage in my house contains a plastic and a paper, the garbage container is only one for plastics and papers at the time of taking them out so that the collector takes them we classify them in different bags. First, we must be clear about the processes that this goes through when it reaches us, production, packaging, transport, distributors, consumer, waste, recycling, raw material, and again in production; the trash found at home today completes a cycle. THE testimony of a life that this object transmits to me is that it passes through several people of different social classes, different personalities, among others until it becomes a waste.


It is a plastic sleeve that is manufactured with natural materials such as cellulose, coal, natural gas, salt, and oil through a polymerization or polycondensation process. This is a product that comes from Quito Gasolinera Mobil Labrador, this was manufactured by the Ales Industry, this where its life begins and this will later become raw material which is produced again to give it life again. When analyzing the objects that our container contains, we have a lot of information and questions that remain unanswered because a deeper and more detailed investigation must be carried out.

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