Oh Taraxacum

I have never had a connection with plants. However, during this quarantine I have begun to look at the dandelions that inhabit my garden. Lately I feel happy when I can see them bloom with their beautiful yellow and I think that in a certain way watching them makes me feel calm. If they could speak or tell me something they would ask me to please that the gardener no longer comes, that they no longer want to be cut and that they simply they just want to flourish. I also think they would tell me that please no longer leave the ashes of the cigarettes that I smoke in them, because that does not do me or them any good, and that if I put this habit aside they could be even more beautiful than they are. that they already are. I think they would tell me to please water the garden more often because that way they can flourish in a healthy way and that in turn all the bees that come to polish them would also be grateful to me. In the same way, if you could talk to me, you would tell me that you would also be grateful if I use them as medicine to improve my health. I think that with this reflection on how I have this new connection with plants has helped me expand my understanding about nature and that it always exists, even in our gardens.