For this story I decided to take into account the different times of the day and what I hear in each of them.

For example I wake up in the morning and as a routine I hear the sounds of numerous birds at my window, around 5-6am, this has become recurrent over time so I decided to draw this and how I feel about it. I draw a bird that will represent the rest in powerful bright colors, since I listen to them and is like a peaceful sound in my head. So through his beak there are colorful melodics and hearts that represent how peaceful I feel.

Then as i drive through work the noice that the city has is annoying, too many cars with numerous annoying sounds. This is why I preferred to listen with volume up my music rather than this sound. This is why I draw a car that is sorrounded by many turbulent colors and you cant even see the car since that is what that annoying sounds represents to me.

And in the past days it has rained a lot, and for me that is the best melodic sound specially to fall asleep. When I hear the rain sound I just want to lay down in mu bed and fall asleep. It is like a childs song for me when you want children to sleep asap. I draw rain very colorful too, since for me is one of the best sounds that nature has gave to us.