The garbage in my house could tell that in the family we are recyclers because the whole family copes so that the garbage is in different containers when the collector takes it away. The main habit that exists in my home is to order everything since we have fun recycling so that people who recycle in the street can take it and the rest can be taken by the collector. The connection we often have is with mining people because they go through the house recycling bottles, paper, cardboard, among others. I feel that with them we have a connection in which we seek to help since it is a strong job that they do. The people on whom I depend to dispose of my garbage are 3 women miners who are in charge of taking the garbage that we recycle and in the collector, who takes what is leftover from waste are 4 men. The place where this garbage ends up when asking the collectors they knew how to say that it goes to the dump that is located in the Inga, a factory that is responsible for making gas with the waste. What I can imagine will happen to my garbage is that it will be used to develop some material that helps society. And as a result, this will be very good because there will be no more waste that takes years to decompose and enters a life cycle that does not end since its life will be very useful. On the other hand, we will help the pollution of the environment to decrease and not be affected in which there is this type of climate change that we are experiencing for now. Likewise, I believe that the culture in which the garbage is found in the destroyed nature full of garbage that people who are not aware of the damage it causes throw away without thinking twice, this garbage that we find in nature when analyzing it we can get several reasons why they are there. For example, from frustrated people, waste from unfinished projects, fashions that are forgotten, books that do not transcend, among other reasons.
In short, my garbage has a lot to tell, sometimes they are more than simple objects that go to a garbage can. In each waste it can remind me of good or bad experience and especially when seeing it will remind me of the moment lived, it is an analysis that will never end because there is much to discover behind it.