Sound and sky

Through sound, the world and those who inhabit it make themselves apparent. Every day, at various times, it is possible to listen to the different sounds that occupy the airwaves. All of this sounds tell stories about the places and the situations that those who emit said sounds find themselves in. Let’s begin.

Only those who wake up early, or those who stayed up until morning have the priviledge of listening to the everyday wake up call. This songs that sparrows and thrushes sing to the sun rising above the mountains are both beautiful to listen, and a reminder that it is about to be morning again. This, for me is the moment where the sound space becomes primarily theirs, and remind us about the spaces we share. In the sky, you can see the darkness of the night slowly beign replaced by the blue light of the morning. The stars start to dissapear and are replace with clouds bathed in darkness and a blue shine.


The bussiest time of the day. In the distance, it is possible to hear the sounds of the cars in 6 de Diciembre Av. One of the most transited avenues in the city. The wind mixes with the sound of the motors to bring out what for me is the truest city music. If you pay attention in the very beggining of the audio it is possible to hear birds chirping, but their sound is saldy drown out by our transport machines and the wind they produce. The sound is not the only indication that there are lots of cars around, as the sky is also tainted with a strange white and grey fog.


As of late it has been raining a lot in my area. In the house I lived before, after every rain, it was possible to hear a symphony masterfully composed by crickets and toads. However, when I moved into a more dense urban area, I expected to loose those sounds, as I had tied their existance to the great number of bushes that existed around my old home. However, to my delight and surprise, this was not the case, as even here, these masterful symphonies are still common, even if there is less folliage for the to hide on around here. If you manage to look above in the rain, you will see thhe dark sky and some clouds that are colored in a yellow tint, thanks to the public lights down below.