The corner of my bedroom where insects go to die

The place i want to talk about is this corner of my bedaroom where, at least once a week, one kind of insect gets stuck  (or willingly stays put in this place) for some reason i cant understand. The reason i picked this place in particular is because it englobes a lot of what happens around my house. The species that are here are two different types of wasp and one type (or two, Im not sure) of flie, so my question is ¿How do all of these types of insects ended up in this exact location?

To begin with there is cargo of gravel and another kind of materials that comes from every corner of the country because right beside my house there is a hardware store that stores this kind of materials in their plot, other reason why is because my house is located in front of a transcurrid avenue in Cumbayá and in top of that my father in a Civil Engineer so he also brings a lot of construction material and tools that also come with insects and bugs within.

From as long as i remember the house always had some kind of animal neighbors that located in here for a while until they perished or adapted to this new kind of place, as a quick example I no loguer am afraid of spiders because it is so frequent that i see them in my house that is no problem to me, there was a time that where even some kind of mouse/rat rodents in the tall bushes but since like 6 or 7 years they had gone too, even those enormous grey butterflies when the house was finished live in here for a while, and the wasp I talked about? there was a giant comp of them outside my window and for some reason they respected my place and didn’t enter, and the times they entered was to die, this make me think in two questions. ¿Is the reason of their deaths the facts that they entered in the room? or ¿Do they know that they where dying and this is why they entered in the room? The more logic option is the first one but personally something deep down in me tell me that the second option may be plausible, is like whenever corner i look in me bedroom is empty or if is a difficult place to clean with a spiderweb but no traces of other insects, is this exact corner of my house that is filled with death insects, like they know they are not going to be eaten in this place so they go to this place to die and this contradicts everything i know about animals. Even if we go to the first question this also makes me reflect in the repercussions for animals for entering in an alien-like space, by literally doing anything they ultimately perish just because entered in a different environment.