The Infinity Cicle

My relationship with these common objects in my garbage is background to my childhood or rather, my adolescence, which I think is the stage where most have their first encounter with recreational drinks or social drinks, like beer.
Thinking that from an early age you are not only part of a ritual or social circle, you are also part of the consumption of a drink that at the end of the day all this ends in a large production of packaging that will affect the environment, it is something that does not you realize the magnitude of your act at that moment, we are “too young” to be analytical of our decisions.
But it is important to denote the entire cycle of time and space that we have created from the moment that we are part of these social practices, the consumption that we contribute and also the possible damage that we do to our environment, all from an early age, an impact on the environment. environment of great magnitude and only at the individual level, even worse if we start to analyze at a collective mass level all the influence that we could generate for a change.

Personally, I usually buy one or two six-pack of beer every month we buy with my mother, she does not usually agree but the truth is I do not do it because I get drunk or things like that, I just enjoy it while reading a book or doing some creative activity (academic), for some time I have become more analytical regarding the process that is created after all these consumer products until their supposed end, or arrival at a garbage dump, but it is interesting how a repetitive cycle is created, since the Large glass beers, these packages are returned some to fill with product, while those of aluminum or plastic can reach nature, in which they will take hundreds of years to biodegrade, or many will become new containers that will return to your table for your consumption.

It is very interesting to analyze these processes that little by little have been normalizing in our global society, not only because of the latent consumerism with which we minimize the importance of knowing the background of everything that we consume or do, in addition to being able to understand the role that These play within the environment and its care or damage that they cause.