The Language of Plants- María Augusta Guerrero


María Augusta Guerrero

Do you think plants speak?


The truth is, no. For me this kind of logic does not enter. In fact, it seems a bit impossible for me, since in other living beings we have seen how they communicate. For example, dogs bark, cats meow, the lion roars, but plants are quiet beings. The only possibility I see is that they are so quiet that they are almost imperceptible to humans. Because they are not trying to communicate with us either.


If they did, how would they communicate?

I think that if they would, it would be through the roots. Something like sending energy into that part of your anatomy. So they can tell each other what is around them, if they feel good or not, etc. Let’s remember that the strongest or most powerful part of plants are their roots. Therefore I believe that there would be the source of their communication, as they already are for other needs.


And what would they tell you?

Now that I think about it a little more, communication is necessary in living beings and I think there must be a way to communicate, I don’t think there is a living being that does not communicate. I think they would tell me about the care of each one, or why I adapt them to the house. It already happened to me the other time that I cut the leaves from the plant in the living room because it was already hitting the ceiling, and I feel that it bothered or hurt it, because it did not return to the way it was before. I also think she would tell me what my daughter María Paz told me, plants are not decorative objects but living beings, and it is partly true. But they are not only seen as that, but also as a company and it may be decoration, but not in a bad way but as they give a warmer touch to the house, which of course is also home to them.