The noise in a deep silence

For this exercise, we started again to explore the space around the house in the garden, due to the pandemic, we have not been able to explore places where, due to deep silence, the sound of the plants could be heard. In this case, it was very frustrating not to be able to make natural sound, since when trying to record the sound there was always the interruption of cars passing by on the street, the noise of people and this was what caused them not to hear them. But looking at this plant:

I could hear at times how the wind made the leaves move and this noise gave me peace of mind. Another thing that I had not taken into account is how it made a sound in which a process intertwines with the place, making our days a place without less pressure, stress, etc. For example, before I did not know how to eliminate this tension because of all the work I do every day, but by observing and being in the middle of silence, it is for minutes to be able to hear sounds that fill me with energy. In addition, to observe the process in which this plant called “Rojita” is found by my mother who owns the plant. It also helped me to feel this connection with the human since we are participants in how the evolution of this plant is going. It is beautiful to see that nature is full of things that human beings can participate in and above all that it gives us sounds that transmit peace and tranquility to continue with our work. When investigating more about the sound that plants transmit to us, it is known as “ultrasonic noise” since when they are heard they are brief and fade depending on how far away it is.