The ocean’s new waste

During the COVID 19 pandemic we have experience a decrease in air pollution worldwide. As we are living our daily experiences at home we see how the world changes around us. However, we continue to contaminate our oceans. There is a new type of waste damaging the environment. This waste is directly related with the pandemic and how humans are dealing with it.

The masks and one use plastic is on the rise as countries are introducing measures to ensure that COVID 19 does not keep spreading. While measures are important during this time of crisis, it is important to understand that we are destroying our planet. The ocean is full of masks used to prevent the spread of the disease. The gloves we wear daily to go buy food end up killing another turtle or wrapped around a coral.

The eight million tons of plastic that

are dumped into our oceans each year are going to increase because of the pandemic. We need to understand that while the COVID 19 is an important issue to undress, it is also important to understand the underlying causes of the pandemic and how these affect us. In this sense, climate change and the damage, we as humans, are causing our environment is self-destruction.

Lets find a new way to deal with these difficult times while helping the planet as a whole.