The organic market, where everyone is lost

My name is Bárbara Arboleda and I am from Ecuador. I live in the north-central part of the capital, La Floresta. An area known for its abundance of organic or vegan places, also, for being the home of people that cares for the environment and the species that live there. Sounds like a place where people care about the environment, right? Well, it is not like that, and as the title says I will explain what happens.

One of the best places you find in La Floresta is the local market. This is the second permanent point of sale of the best 100% organic and agroecological products in Quito, all these products comply with organic certifications, making them the best in the capital. The market is very friendly to the environment, since it generates light with photovoltaic panels and maintains a good management of its organic waste. Also, its commercialization helps and benefits 82 producers who directly generate their income through commercialization in this place. This place brings me a lot, mainly because I know the local farmers and I know first-hand the effort they put into their productions and how their income is important for their lives and those of their family. I promote this place, since our society would benefit from the consumption of the products, being much healthier than what we find in other wholesale stores.

Climate change is indirectly affecting this place, since the production of food such as vegetables, brown rice, honey, organic soaps, among others, is being affected. Why? Deforestation, the state of the soil or drought, the creation of organic products. Therefore, the shortage of these products leads me to consume in other types of stores such as Supermaxi, El Corral or Tía, affecting me personally, I already feel that the products we find here are full of chemicals and pesticides, which do not contribute positively to the society.

The irony of La Floresta is that despite being an ecological zone and quite concerned about the environment, when the first Supermaxi appeared, they left the market and began to consume in this great company. Why? Mainly, the variety of products, likewise, the sale of foreign products that are the boom here in Ecuador, as well as industrialized vegetables that look better aesthetically, in addition to being non-organic products, they usually have a slightly lower price. Is it worth it? Stop consuming the national or organic products of our farmers?

I do not know. I consider that the consumption of these products enriches these industrialized companies that do not see the damage they cause to the environment, creating these manufactured landscapes full of workers and warehouses with giant machines that see the natural vegetation. Likewise, the slow violence is evident, because despite being international companies all over the world with their chemical products, they seek only their economic benefits. Therefore, the proposed resistance to these protagonists of damage to the environment through the promotion of the consumption of organic and ecological food, both personally and among the people around me.

However, it is inevitable to feel disappointed by the low acceptance that organic food has in our society, as well as the low priority, being foods that benefit us 100%. That is why I find places like the La Floresta market so important for our society, as well as for our health or for the economy of those who take care of their crops and seek to promote themselves economically through naturalness. I hope that in the future, there will be fewer stores like Supermaxi and more markets that promote sustainable food.

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