The power of cobwebs

Spiders and their more than 45,000 species are the protagonist of a work of art that surrounds us all; I think that the forms that emerge from the cobwebs are related to many works of art and when observing them I thought that at some point I would like paint a space inspired by cobwebs found around. They are found in small isolated areas that we don’t clean frequently, but if we neglect for a moment, in no time, they can take up large spaces. I chose the cobwebs because, during this time, I observed how they build, appear, and disappear. It is also a sacred tool for spiders to catch their food; when an insect stops on them, they are trapped.

I decided to take photos of the different cobwebs that I found in my house and do three works with them but using the same elements. I feel that each spider web can tell a story, and by putting them together, they complement each other. Still, depending on the shape, distribution, perspective, and color, they can convey different feelings. Observing the cobwebs became an activity that allowed me to think about many other things while connecting with the nature that lives with us, and many times we do not see or appreciate it.