The story behind my trash can

Ive never really took a close on the garbage of my home and the amount of trash my family and I are throwing. During this 5 last days, I took notes and pictures of what actually my trash can contain and the story behind each of the objects we were throwing on our daily basis.

One of the things that called my attention during this past days was the amount of unnecessary envelopes that many objects contain for example: gloves, fruit, vegetables, fast food, soaps and many more. The wastes that these envelopes produce are the majority of my daily trash. Even though is because of security and cleanness, its not ok that there are 3 envelopes for example when you order a simple hamburger. There can be other ways of controlling this in a more sustainable way. And another big issue that I found in my trash can was that we dont recycle in our daily basis, even though we try, I believe that there is a lack of interest from my family and also there is no order and education about this its importance and the way in which it helps the world.

Behind every single object there is a story, and here is where the thing of the connection between the world starts. Meaning how many people touched that certain item before? how many materials where used to create this single object? how many germs that this object has? how many procedures it took to create this particular object?. So practically there is a whole story behind this and at the end it just ends in the trash and most of this things cant be recycled. So this days I realize how intrigued I am of the story behind each item of my garbage, and I would like to someday make the follow up of one item an basically write a short story about its “life time” until it ends in the garbage.