The curious cat on the balcony
The first beast is this curious cat, always prostrate on the balcony of the house. The curious thing is that it is always attentive to any movement inside the house and tries to be seen, to be noticed. This cat is a cat of habit every morning at 930 am comes to prostrate and check the house. It’s strange because it doesn’t look like a stray cat, so we would assume it has an owner. However for a free alam and owner of the balcony.

Unwelcome pigeons
On the terrace of my building one day I found two pigeons, they simply stayed still, I tried not to make any noise so as not to disturb them and scare them away. I regret it. In my building the terrace is a communal place where we go to take fresh air, the problem was that these pigeons should not have been there because they threw their droppings all over the terrace making it look bad and practically disgusting to stay there.

The path of trees
After visiting these beasts I came across a path in the middle of the pavement, but this was a special one with trees making it like a small natural tunnel in the urban part. It is the touch of green that this gives to a very urbanized city site. It was also the way to walk and find these beasts.