Tracking Garbage Bin

As I began this garbage tracking at my house I noticed several factors. The first is that in my house there is no sense of environmental awareness because we do not recycle or separate any type of waste. For me it was a bit of a shock to learn that we don’t do it. At the same time I was beginning to notice that most of our garbage was organic, food waste, fruit peels and others. This made me think that maybe we didn’t recycle because we didn’t find the need.
However, as the days went by the garbage changed from organic to products such as cardboard or paper, because in my house it is customary to order food from outside and this generates more waste.
The truth is that I don’t have an interesting story or anything unusual to tell about my garbage, for me it’s just ordinary garbage. The only thing that made me notice is that maybe in my home there is no environmental awareness about recycling.