What is nature saying around me?

Our homes, with their constant temperate climates, not to mention the large amounts of water and food, provide a welcoming environment for life on all its scales. However, even without our approval, our fellow arthropods will still be there. The best we can do is try to ensure that the populations of bugs in our homes have more species than those that benefit us, than those that harm us, but first we must know which species accompany us.

For this reason, this weekend I did a more in-depth investigation about the animals that accompany me in my home, these are what I am going to explain next:

Spiders: I know I will have a hard time convincing you, but let me try: if you find a spider at home, don’t kill it.

Why? Because spiders are an important part of nature and the ecosystem that is part of the interior of your home. In addition, they are beings with the right to life.

People like to think of their homes as safe places isolated from the outside world. But suddenly, a spider may appear. Some are locked up without intending to, others are temporary visitors. There are some that they enjoy in their home, where they live happily and create spiders. These arachnids tend to go unnoticed and most of the ones we encounter are neither aggressive nor dangerous. They may even be doing you the favor of eating insects or even other spiders.

Flies: Flies are insects that end up being annoying, but also spreading diseases because they interact with various objects full of bacteria such as waste.

In my home it is difficult to prevent their entry and many times we do not find reasons why they return if it is not the uncleanliness. One of the most common factors for the appearance of flies is precisely the lack of cleanliness of a home, allowing garbage to accumulate and that it is not covered.

Catzos: When I was little I really liked playing with catzsos in my garden, the truth is that luckily and at the same time unfortunate for some, catzos are totally harmless and that everyone knows, of which there are hundreds of different types without producing No kind of problem, but obviously there has to be a but, when one beetle after another is staying in your house, this is when a serious problem arrives, having to use different treatments to eliminate them.

Ants: Ants enter our homes, despite not being well received, when they feel like it, but above all they do so when temperatures are high. Spring is coming and we begin to see these insects both in our garden, in the kitchen or in our bedrooms. But why do they do it? What attracts them?

The ants are under our soil spread all over the planet. Studies have shown that every square meter of the planet is infested by these insects. There are hundreds of species of ants. They usually inhabit the land and normally within their ant hills. But like any living being that has the ability to move, it tries to find life to achieve well-being. Its main objective, food.