I thought my plants was a worm

>When I first start this project, I didn’t think about staying inside my house. But then I start observing around me when I am in clases and I remember that days before this plant that is a cactus scare me to death. The tip looks a lot like a worm, and my fear to worms is undeniable.

I don’t think I  capture the image well.

After the cactus scare me I told my mom about this and she told that she noticed that before and just like me she get scared. I’been observing the plant by the week and I thought that the tip might fall but it stay for a long time.

After that I also did a research about the cactus and Google says that it looks like a monkey tail.

I do not think that we should go to the furthest distance to be able to find something of nature, we simply have to observe every inch of our home and we will find hidden wonders.

Cacti don’t require much care like other plants my mom has at home, maybe that was the reason why she hadn’t noticed it before. I told my mother to be able to do the project together, but because of her time she could not accompany me, I hope I can continue writing with her by my side and that the story continues to grow, I will also document the cactus and see if the tip falls off or not.

I had never been interested in a plant, I like its colors and shapes but not to the point of caring for it, I was disinterested in it when my carnivorous plant died, from that moment I told myself that I am useless when caring for a plant.

But when I see my mother dedicating time to her plants, it makes me see how for her it is not only to have them as decoration, if it is not the way to feel another life, since from childhood they teach us that flora has life and we should not go unnoticed since without her the world would be in chaos.

It is necessary to tell real stories, and that do not contain only our thoughts, virtues or opinions, but should go beyond “us” and tell stories about plants. That they have a voice represented by us so that their stories are not left empty or discarded as garbage.

We need ways of thinking to change and have new perspectives, it may be just a cactus but it is Mr. Cactus Worm, who made me very scared one day when I was concentrating on doing my homework.

I do not think that we live full of concrete and within four walls, we all have the freedom to go out and explore even if it is the corner of our room, we can find insects or another kind of living form which helps in our environment, it is there for something, it has a function as a living being and should not be overlooked.